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Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi 43165 West Java, Indonesia +62 266 431200, +62 266 431201
Fax : +62 266 431203
pool side near by the Terate Hall, four function room with capacity up to 300 seats, Raos Restourant, Warna Sari 63 standard, 33 deluxe, 4 standard suite, 4 samudra suites and 2 executive room. airconditioned,
Jl. Pantai Citepus Palabuhan Ratu - JAWA BARAT 43115 INDONESIA
Telp. ( 0266 ) 432273 Fax. ( 0266 ) 432274
Facilities : Ac, Mini Bar, Telephone, Color Tv, Satelite, Hot & Cold Water, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Volley Ball, Volley Beach, Tennis Court, Jogging Track, Function Room (max 500 pax), Children Play Ground, Karaoke.
ROOM RATES ( Include Breakfast )
ROOM                        W'DAY                        W'END                        H'SEASON
Villa Jasmine   Rp. 750.000,-  Rp. 1.000.000,-          
Suite                Rp. 300.000,-  Rp. 375.000,-  Rp. 495.000,-
VIP II               Rp. 275.000,-  Rp. 350.000,-  Rp. 445.000,-
VIP I                Rp. 250.000,-  Rp. 325.000,-  Rp. 425.000,-
Deluxe II          Rp. 225.000,-  Rp. 275.000,-  Rp. 395.000,-
Deluxe I           Rp. 200.000,-  Rp. 250.000,-  Rp. 375.000,-
Deluxe Rp.      Rp.125.000,-   Rp. 175.000,-  Rp. 325.000,-
Jl. Raya Cisolok Km. 8, No. 28 Cimaja Pelabuhanratu SUKABUMI 43226 WEST JAVA-INDONESIA P : +62 266 436100 +62 888 103 2451 +62 898 813 1322
, +62 821 1036 6999, F : +62 266 433300
Marketing : +62 21 9390 4067 Fax : +62 21 9390 4066 +62 888 0377 6637 (Wandi)
Wifi, Dj Performance, Live Music, Pool
Resort direct: (62-266) 708-0213 Telephone: (62-21) 766-0359 Fax: (62-21) 759-02259
Hand phone: (62) 816-98-6200 Owned by Nicholas Andrew
Fourteen four bedroom and four three bedroom bungalows, each with their own BBQ in the garden and cabana on the beach, are set in 1.5 hectares of tropical gardens along 200m of beach front. self catering with cooker, refrigerator, cutlery, crockery, and pots and pans. The bathrooms have hot and cold, washbasins and showers. The large bungalows have two bathrooms, three bedrooms with double beds and one with two singles to sleep eight. The small bungalows have one bathroom, two bedrooms with double beds and one with two singles, and sleep six. Bedrooms have AC or ceiling fans; all bungalows have sitting and dining areas and terraces. 22m main pool, kid's pool flows into it as a waterfall. At the end of the pool is the restaurant, and the bar above looking out over the ocean.
Beach volleyball, croquet, water polo, petanque, badminton, table tennis, beach cricket, table football and billiards Motorcycle, wave skis, surf boards and boogie boards are available on site for rent. The Padi Breeze Spa
Padi Padi Resort
Jl. Citepus Raya Km. 13, Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java Indonesia
Phone : ( 0266 ) 432124, Fax : ( 0266 ) 432125
air conditioning, refrigerator, international TV programs and Laser Disc Equipments. private beach two restaurants swimming pool
Pondok Dewata Sea side 2 star
Jl. Kidang Kencana Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi 43164 Phone : (0254) 410226 Fax : (0254) 402889

WISMA PUTERA Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu Tlp.(0266)431035
LAUT KIDUL Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu Tlp. (0266) 431041
GUNUNG MULIA Jl.Kidangkencana Palabuhanratu Tlp.(0266) 431129
KARANGNAYA Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu Tlp. (0266) 431088
BUKIT INDAH Jl.Karangpamulang Palabuhanratu Tlp.(0266) 431331
MAHKOTA PANTAI Jl.Pelita Air Service Palabuhanratu Tlp.(0266) 432487
BUNGA AYU Jl.Karangpamulang Palabuhanratu Tlp.(0266) 431111
WITAMA Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu Tlp. (0266) 431174
BATU ALAM Jl.raya Citepus Palabuhanratu Tlp. (0266) 431303
MAHESSA INDAH Jl.raya Citepus Palabuhanratu Tlp. (0266) 431946
WISMA SEDERHANA Jl.Kidangkencana Palabuhanratu 431746
KARANG SARI Jl.Karangpamulang Palabuhanratu 431078
SIMPANG POJOK Jl.Babadan Palabuhanratu 431764
RENGGANIS Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu 431164
SANGKURIANG Jl.Raya Citepus Palabuhanratu
MARTHA INDAH Jl.Raya Citepus Palabuhanratu 431239
KARANG LAUT Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu 431164
GOA LALAY INDAH Jl.Cipatuguran Palabuhanratu 432075
WISMA SEJAHTERA Jl.Raya Citepus Palabuhanratu
SINDANG LAUT Jl.Siliwangi Palabuhanratu 431038
RUMAH PANGGUNG Jl.Raya Citepus palabuhanratu
R E S I K Jl.Raya Citepus palabuhanratu
LESTARI Jl.Raya Citepus palabuhanratu
BUKIT RATU Jl.Karangpapak Cisolok Tlp. 431280
PANTAI MUTIARA Jl.Bojonghaur Cisolok Tlp. 431330
P WISMA TENANG Jl.Karangpapak Cisolok 431365
MUSTIKA RATU Jl.Bojonghaur Cisolok Tlp. 431233
BUMI PASUNDAN Jl.Raya Cimaja Cisolok Tlp. 431404
VILLA PONDOK KENCANA Jl.Bojonghaur Cisolok Tlp. 431465
KUMALA SAMUDERA INDAH Jl.Raya Cikakak Cisolok Tlp. 431363
GRIYA MM Jl.Karangpapak Cisolok 432266
ANDREAS Jl.Bojonghaur Cisolok Tlp. 432054
DAUN DAUN Jl.Raya Cimaja Cisolok Tlp. 431501
ALWINA Jl.Raya Karang Hawu Cisolok 431444
KARANG HAWU PERMAI Jl.Raya Karangpapak Cisolok 431125
KUDA LAUT Jl.Raya Cibangban Cisolok 432503
PONDOK RAHAYU Jalan Raya Citepus
VILLA MARGARETA Jalan Raya Cisolok
SRITIMAS Kp. Cibangban Ds. Pasirbaru Cisolok
VILLA AMANDA RATU Jl.Raya Surade Ujung Genteng Tlp.(0266)490219
HANDAYANI Jl.Babadan Palabuhanratu

Telp. (0266)
Jl. Raya Citepus
Bayu Amata Resort
Jl. Karang Papak No. 31 Pelabuhan Ratu
Bukit Indah Bungalows
Jl. Raya Cisolok
Cleopatra Hotel
Jl. Raya Cisolok Km. 7 No. 114
Jl. Raya Cimaja, Pelabuhan Ratu
Hotel Kumala Samudra Indah
Jl. Raya Cikakak - Pelabuhan Ratu
Jl. Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi
431200, 4312001
Karang Hawu Permai Hotel
Jl. Raya Cisolok No. 1
Karang Sari Hotel
Jl. Raya Cisolok
Padi-Padi Hotel
Jl. Raya Citepus
Pondok Dewata Hotel
Jl. Kidang Kencana No. 22


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